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Compact Super

You know, the quality of a product is received in the thousands of small details that make precisely the product is high quality!
A Cavagnolo, you will see, is made ​​of a thousand and one details that differentiate it from just other accordion. The PRESTIGE range is illustrated by a professional accordion online "Resonance Box" and include the famous "his American" that characterizes both a style of music and a whole art production. The range PRESTIGE includes 13 unique models in their kind (the "Featured 10", the "Mezzo" and "Compact"). Complex to manufacture, requiring full attention (fixtures, mechanical, tuning, finishing) all contribute to making accordions the PRESTIGE range of exceptions models.

在Cavagnolo,每台手风琴的的确确是由成千上万个精准的细节组成的,但还有一个细节使得它与众不同。Prestige系列的手风琴不仅有专业的回声音室,而且有著名的“his American (really don’t know what it is, maybe it’s better to keep the French)”,使得它不论在音乐上还是在整体的艺术层面都与众不同。Prestige系列包含13种不同的型号,无论是生产工艺还是专注的手工,都使得这一系列尤为突出。

Cavagnolo Prestige Compact Super Accordions Asia Superstore  COMPACT Super
Professional accordion double resonance box 专业手风琴,双回声音室
traditional manufacturing 传统工艺生产

10 treble registers 10个高音变音器
- 1 flute voice
- 1 bassoon voice resonating box
- 1 small bassoon voice resonating box
- 2 heavenly voices
- voices bandoneon 2
- 2 Double bassoon voice resonating box
- 3 bandoneon voice
- 2 celestial voice + Wholesale bassoon
- 2 celestial voice + small bassoon
- 4 voice full game
- 96 bass 96贝司
- Music typo a mano 手工簧片
- exists version :
Mezzo 108 Low 108贝司可选: 11 kg 400
- 11 kg 200
- Available colors: custom 可定制颜色