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Custom Made Accordions to your own Specifications


For soloists and professional accordionists who would make an impact in their performance ELANE is now cooperating with several companies in Europe to produce highest quality accordions in custom design and absolutely highest quality not found in standard catalog instruments.

You can choose the following options:

- Piano type or Bayan Button type, C or B
- Piano keys 36 to 45
- Bass keys 96 to 120 – also free bass converter – also 3 row free bass
- Case color or customs painting
- Your choice of name or name of the manufacturer
- Bellows color and design
- Case material wood with celluloid or 100% wood – also any additional decoration
- Compact design or regular accordion size
- Bass 5 Voices
- Treble 3-5 voices in any required custom tuning or standard 440 Hz
- Cassotto, Dual Cassotto
- Choose which voices are in Casotto: 2 * 16 , 16 + 8 or any other combination
- Choose special voices: 2 2/3 or 5 1/3 or 3 1/5
- Choose reed block material
- Reeds: Tippo a Mano or A Mano from top manufacturers, e.g. Cagnoni
- Tuning of any kind on Tremolo voices - wet or dry - exactly measured by tuning computers
- Microphone built in, also wireless microphone
- Other electronic accessories on request, example Midi
- Key color
- Silver or Gold metal parts, glossy, matte or satinized finished
- Registers or draw bars
- Straps quality and color
- Case: Wood, Aluminium or backpack

We will work with you on the design and provide design drawings. After your approval we select the components and make a final price quotation. Final Assembly of the Accordion will be done in Castelfidardo, Italy and our local staff will supervise the production of the accordion which may take from 3 months to 6 month time. Each Accordion carries a 2 year warranty and the pricing is most competitive compared to retail pricing simply because all the design and engineering is done in Elane Electronics Xiamen by experienced CAD engineers.

Custom MAde Accordions Custom Made Accordion  

Custom Made Accordion Custom Made Accordion