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The accordion and harmonicas manufacturing in Hořovice maintains more than 70 year tradition. Industrial beginnings date back to 1920. Famous industrialist and merchant Josef Kebrdle was founder of this manufacturing. After nationalization in 1948 the company was given a new name Harmonika and later on overtook trade name DELICIA. The company is owned by a firm Zdenek Koutny - AKORDEON SERVIS at present. And besides the standard instruments the company offers also special instruments of LIGATONE product line and for the most choosy customers there is a FANTASY product line.

Seventy year tradition and long-term experience of our employees give rise to beautiful and first-rate instruments – from school types to professional and virtuoso pieces. These are produced not only under renown trade names of foreign companies but also hold our own brand names and are exported worldwide.

The highest demand is from neighbouring Germany, and from Netherlands, Italy, England and Ireland, new markets are opened in the USA and we are making the first steps in Russia. Totally more than 95 % of our capacity finds its customers abroad. We satisfy demand of domestic customers as well and we offer direct sale to individual customers in our company shop. This is of course inseparably combined with a good guarantee and post-guarantee service and repairs of all top world accordion brand names.

The Delicia accordion in our stock have been personally selected by Lothar Wollmann and tested in the Delicia factory- we determined that Delicia is of very good quality and is the same level as WELTMEISTER or HOHNER. The factory inspection revealed a high quality production with many very skilled accordion builders. Ideal for advanced students. For a European made quality accordion the price is very low. There are many more models to choose from.

Hořovice生产手风琴已经有超过70年的历史了。这一产业的开始要追溯到1920年。著名的实业家、商人Josef Kebrdle 正是品牌的奠基者。经过1948年的国有化,公司换了一个新名字 Harmonika,随后又注册了商标 DELICIA。公司现在的所有者是Zdenek Koutny - AKORDEON SERVIS。除了标准的乐器生产线外,公司现在还有一个特殊的LIGATONE产品线,以及为最挑剔的顾客准备的FANTASY生产线。



我们库存中的Delicia手风琴都是由Lothar Wollmann从Delicia的工厂亲手挑选并且测试过的——我们坚信Delicia的质量非常可靠,而且与Weltmeister或者Hohner能够达到同等级别。经过现场调查发现,Delicia的工厂生产质量非常高,琴师技术十分过硬。他们的琴对高级学生来说十分理想。而且作为欧洲生产的手风琴,价格也很合适。这个品牌还有许多其他型号.

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Delicia 是厦门凯思尔电子科技有限公司在中国注册的商标(2014)。