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Digit Millenium

DIGIT series. - Digital Accordions "button and piano"
Cavagnolo pushes the limits of digital accordions and creates DIGIT. This MIDI accordion extraordinary comes in 4 models:

The Orchestra Digit
Digit Pro Orchestra's
The Millennium Digit
Digit The Optima and The DIGIT is 100% French (design, assembly, electronics, fabrication ...). It is the fruit of knowledge acoustic and digital Cavagnolo.

Cavagnolo Digit Millenium  DIGIT Millenium
The digital accordion ultimate 终极电子手风琴
technological advanced manufacturing 先进生产技术

Advanced technology (optical contacts ...) 高科技产品
Sensations, use and faithful sound acoustics  反应灵敏,传统手风琴音色逼真
integrated High Definition Sound (Cavagnolo accordions, violin, trumpet ...)
30 HD audio drum patterns included 包含30种鼓组音色
130 Orchestrations 130种编曲
Editor to program your PC DIGIT intuitively 可直接在电脑上进行数字编程
updates automatically via the Internet 网络直接升级
access to more than 420 sounds of 16 sections 可用超过16420种不同音色
Use of your MP3, midi files with possibility to chain orchestrations 可连接mp3MIDI进行联合编曲
mode "Live": Enjoy your changes in real time. 特有“Live”模式:感受真实变化
Liberty Premium Equipped, pitch-bend and pedal Start / Stop 装有Liberty Premium,可弯音,可踏板控制开始/结束
Over 100 HD sound Exclusive 超过100种独有高保真音色
Fine Tune: Tune your accordion and create your accordion sounds 可自己调音,创造自己的手风琴音色
Modeling expression: Edit your expression curves 可编辑自己的表达曲线
keyboard mapping: Pilot eg each function from your web arranger DIGIT
8 kg 100
Available colors: custom- 可定制颜色
cut diamond (model shown) as an option.