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Digit Optima

DIGIT series. - Digital Accordions "button and piano"
Cavagnolo pushes the limits of digital accordions and creates DIGIT. This MIDI accordion extraordinary comes in 4 models:

The Orchestra Digit
Digit Pro Orchestra's
The Millennium Digit
Digit The Optima and The DIGIT is 100% French (design, assembly, electronics, fabrication ...). It is the fruit of knowledge acoustic and digital Cavagnolo.

Cavagnolo Optima  DIGIT Optima
The digital accordion with HP integrated HP集成的电子手风琴
manufacturing advanced technology 先进生产技术

Valid on DIGIT Orchestra, Orchestra and Pro Millennium 在 DIGIT Orchestra, Orchestra 及 Pro Millennium上均可选装
4 integrated speakers 4个内置音响
Digital Amplifier 2x25 Watt RMS 数字喇叭2x25 Watt RMS
Autonomy 5 to 6 hours with integrated rechargeable 可充电电池,可独立演奏56个小时
mastered Weight 已进行重量调整
10 kg 500
Available colors: custom 可定制颜色