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Cavagnolo Accordions Asia Superstore
Success Manouche

The models in the range offer SUCCESS know-how and manufacturing quality by Cavagnolo. They are intended for beginners, enthusiasts, but also to more experienced and professionals.
These are complete accordions that will allow you to tackle any type of music.


Cavagnolo Success Manouche Accordions Asia Superstore  MANOUCHE
Professional, JAZZ, and contemporary music 专业爵士及现代乐手风琴
traditional manufacturing 传统工艺制造
diamond Cup

5 treble registers 5个高音变音器
- 1 flute voice
- voice bassoon 1
- 2 swing vote
- 2 voices bandoneon
- 3 voices full play
- 96 bass 96贝司
- 3 records left hand
- 9 kg 100
- Available colors: custom 可定制颜色